Lost and Found

A month of prayer and vigilance is coming to an end, and many of us are only beginning to see.

See the blessings we are surrounded with. Go check your wardrobe. Do you have enough Jordans and Yeezys to wear on Eid? You can’t go to any two aunty’s houses wearing the same pair of shoes?!?! You need a pair for each ‘dawat’ you go to.

Let me educate you. Instead of giving charity, go Eid shopping NOW, before sehri, so that you are done by the time you go out to eat sehri with your friends at Westin. It’s the last few sehris, gotta make em Insta-worthy.

Now that we have that nice peice of healthy advice out of the way, it’s time for some introspection. Why? Because this is my blog and it’s all about me.

I wrote earlier about how I lost my umbrella, and also my peace of mind. Here is how it all came full circle, when I found both back.


It was another rainy day here in Long Island. Another day of life laughing at my face because I had lost my umbrella and had to go out in the rain without shelter. No one could tell if I was crying or not, because my tears camouflaged with the sea of rain drops on my face. So I cried, and headed to the prayer room, looking forward to find some solace in solitude. What I found in the prayer room, in addition to that, was something I would not have expected in my entire life.

The moment I opened the door of the prayer room, a certain something stared back at me, and just stood there in silence, waiting for my response. It was, my Umbrella.

Turned out, I had left it there weeks ago, when I had last prayed in that room. Since I had last prayed at all, to be honest. I was mad at God for taking something so precious away from me, but found my way back to Him when I was in the brink of falling off the edge.


In that moment, I had not only found my lost umbrella, I had also found my lost faith in God.

As for my peace of mind, I guess it’s tied to something different.




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