Okay so a lot of people know it for a fact, that I went though a lot of hardships in life. When I was a little girl, I lost my parents….at the supermarket…for ten minutes. TEN LONGEST MINUTES OF MY LIFE.

But that’s not all. One time, I was dancing in the bathroom, thinking I’m Beyonce (facts), and twerking like no one’s watching, but let me tell you, Allah is ALWAYS watching. As a form of punishment for my sinful acts, of even trying to be like someone I can never be, I slipped while trying to put my pants on, and fell on the hard cold floor. That was it. That was the moment my head (protected by my towel, thank Goodness) hit the wall, and I sufferred from a mild concussion, and I think I broke my hips or something idk. I lay there for who knows how long, until I gathered the strength to get back up and cry for help like a loser. But that’s not the point.

The point is that, that moment of hardship changed me into the person who I am today. I now twerk like Beyonce only on dry floors.


So, you may be asking, what is the point of me sharing this embarrasing piece of garbage information. There is no point. I’m just showing off, trying to gain sympathy from others, telling ya’ll about my sad miserable life, because being the attention-seeker I am, I have nothing better to do.




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