Mother and Daughter

Sometimes all I want, is to go home.  My friend Amina had told me that her mother had a sweet smile. She knew what her mother would smell like, and would often find it hard to sleep without that smell. One day her mother was out late for “work”, and Amina told me that that […]

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Losing Sleep

“Tania sleeps with her eyes open, tears making them wet, staring at the ceiling with a myriad of thoughts running through her mind. “This isn’t sleeping. This is torture.” She gets up, ties her hair into a bun, and slides back into her blanket, trying again to welcome some sleep in her life. Doesn’t work. […]

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How it all started…

It was a rainy day in mid-February or March I think. Like always, I had underestimated the Stony Brook weather forecast, and gone out for my morning lecture wearing a simple rain jacket with a hoodie, thinking the hoodie would be enough to protect me from the rain. Boy was I wrong. The moment I […]

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It Takes One Rude Encounter

One rude glare, or one rude tone, to ruin a mood; a first impression turned lasting impression. And that will always be the way you view that person, no matter how nice they really are. Has this happened to you? When it takes one word to never be able to like someone again no matter […]

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